• Tony Dixon - A1 Managing Director

    Tony Dixon

    Tony Dixon has over 20 years experience within the Intelligence and Analysis discipline. Tony spent 10 years as a Senior Strategic Intelligence Analyst working with the Scottish Criminal Intelligence Office.

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  • Martha MacRae - A1 Director

    Martha MacRae

    Martha is an experienced intelligence analyst trainer with over 15 years experience. of designing, delivering and evaluating analyst training courses.

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Tony Dixon Profile

Tony Dixon has over 20 years experience within the Intelligence and Analysis discipline. Tony spent 10 years as a Senior Strategic Intelligence Analyst working with the Scottish Criminal Intelligence Office.

Tony then moved from operational analysis and became Training Manager at the Scottish Centre for Intelligence and Analysis Training (SCiAT) based at the Scottish Police College.

Tony provided the first formal Criminal Intelligence Analysis (ANACAPA) training course in Scotland in January 1999. Since then he and his team have developed an extensive portfolio of intelligence and analysis training.

Tony was project leader for the introduction of the Professional Development Award in Intelligence Analysis. The award, supported by Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA), acknowledges the level of training delivered to individual students and enhances the profile of the analyst within the workplace.

Tony has had responsibility for various international projects. In particular he is the acclaimed author of the EU OISIN funded guidance document "Intelligence Management Model for Europe". Written to specifically assist European Accession States it has been universally acclaimed within the Intelligence arena.

Tony has delivered training for UN projects in Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan, as well as EU projects in Croatia, Montenegro, and Bosnia Herzegovina

Tony prides himself with being able to provide the exact training product required by clients. He has provided specific bespoke packages to Commercial banks, multi-national organisations, Prison Service, and International Police Agencies.

In 2006 Tony was described by Her Majesty's Inspector of Education (HMIE) as being " the top 1% of trainers he had ever assessed."



Tony Dixon Testimonials

We had a chance to learn from a great lecturer and to improve our knowledge with him. All the presentations were very useful and helpful. I’m sure that our work is going to be much better in the future using all the things that we have learned from him. Tony is very patient and considerate and he is someone who knows how to pass knowledge and make complex things very simple, like a wizard. We hope that we will have a chance to have this excellent mind challenger, who gets one to think, as a lecturer guest or just as a friend again sometime in the near future."

Analytics department, APML of Montenegro, Zana Radulovic and Gordana Kalezic - June 2011

"..Tony assisted in a review of professional work portfolios. I am aware the work was exhaustive and time consuming. As ever Tony's professional insights and overall advice and guidance was very much appreciated. I am most grateful to you for allowing him to support our work in this way"
Mark Evans, Director, Analytical Services, PSNI, February 2005

"Barrie found the course very beneficial....can you pass on my thanks for the professionalism and hospitality provided."
Andy Humphreys, Head of Specialist training, National Centre for Policing Excellence (NCPE) July 2004

"Tony provided an in depth input on the area of crime analysis. In addition he gave up his time in the evening to give a further presentation at a careers evening for under graduate students. Both were very well received, highly informative and entertaining. It would be of great benefit if Tony could deliver such inputs in the future as a visiting lecturer."
Dr Pam Newlands, Lecturer, Forensic Psychology, Glasgow Caledonian University. May 2004

"A short note to thank you for all your efforts in organising and delivering the Scottish Analyst Conference. Feedback from all analysts at L&B has been extremely positive."
Principal Analyst, Lothian & Borders Police April 2004

"Tony Dixon deserves all the credits. He not only did all the nasty work, but by the way he prepared the contents of the booklet with colleagues abroad, he also introduced a very efficient way of working."
Richard Landman, Dutch Police, January 2004

"Particular thanks to Tony for pulling the report together and for his assistance over the last 3 years. I believe you can be justifiably proud that the report will have an impact on raising the quality of analytical work across the European Union.As you know it is already in use in Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and elsewhere - even before its formal launch!
Mark Evans, Director, Analytical Services, PSNI, January 2004

"As you know I am shortly to retire. I have valued your advice and professionalism for many years, but also your humour and belief and conviction in what you are doing"
Mike Godley, Scottish Prison Service

"Just a quick note to thank you for your all your hard work and kindness on the recent ANACAPA course....Please believe me when I say that I am a was excellent and I was most impressed by the content and structure"

"I want to express our appreciation for your help i organising our visit and for the information you shared with us. Again, thank you for your time and gracious hospitality"
Director, Surete Du Quebec Police, November 2000

"I understand Mr Dixon's contribution was considered invaluable....his commitment and professional input was fully appreciated and resulted in the selection of two first class candidates."
Detective Chief Superintendent, Grampian Police, September 2000

"....Tony was always available and his open door policy encouraged honest dialogue... All in all this was an excellently run training course, and you have a training unit of which you should be justly proud."
Paul Mellor, HM Customs and Excise, February 2000

"The presentation by Tony Dixon was well done, very well received and extremely helpful in informing members about developments in the field of intelligence and analysis."
General Secretary, Association of Scottish Police Superintendents. November 1999

"I appreciate the willingness of Tony to work outwith course hours to help individuals understanding of complex course materials"
Mike Godley, Operations Manager, Scottish Prison Service, November 1999

"The course was also informative in that Mr Dixon was able to give context to the skills he was imparting to students.....I felt the two courses complimented each other perfectly"
Scottish Prison Service student, August 1999

"Learnt massively and found time flew with encouraged motivation. Tony has a lovely manner and style of teaching and his passion and enthusiasm for the subject shines through."
From Students Garda Siochana



Martha MacRae Profile

Martha is an experienced intelligence analyst trainer with over 15 years experience of designing, delivering and evaluating analyst courses. She holds a professional training degree in Human Resources Management (BA (Hons)) and an Msc in Information Technology both from the University of Stirling.

She joined the Scottish Police College in 2002 from a professional development background with the University of Abertay, Dundee. Her knowledge of qualification based courses was utilised fully through her key involvement in the development of the Professional Award for analysts and she has been a verified SQA assessor for the qualification since it was introduced in 2006. More recently she has been utilising her IT skills to develop the online PDA in Intelligence Analysis. As an analyst trainer with the Scottish Centre for Intelligence and Analysis training at the College, she co-ordinated and delivered on an extensive training portfolio of courses.

Since 2007 she has been a self employed training consultant delivering a range of bespoke analytical training courses for those working in the field of criminal intelligence analysis and financial analysis. With a background in IT, she specialises in IT analysis training applications such as Analyst Notebook; Excel for Analyst, Internet Searching and Financial Analysis.

She has designed and delivered numerous training projects and provided Intelligence and analysis support to operational teams targeting Organised Crime Groups. Martha has worked for a wide range of clients in a both public and private sector organisations, both in the UK and abroad including; Scottish Prison Service, Scottish Police College, Deloitte, Royal Bank of Scotland, Halifax Bank of Scotland, Lloyds Bank, Isle of Man Constabulary, Ministry of Interior in Croatia, Montenegro, and Bosnia Herzegovina and GASCO Abu Dhabi Gas Industry.



Martha MacRae Testimonials

"Everyone in the team thoroughly enjoyed the training that Martha had geared to the financial industry, which was perfect for us. The course has proved beneficial and I am happy to say we have had many occasions to pull together fraud rings and insider cases which we have then been able to clearly demonstrate links etc by using I2. This has assisted with us then being able to engage law enforcement when necessary." Anne Claydon, Manager, Fraud Strategy, HBOS, Nov 2010

She opened our eyes with her advanced excel so excel will never be the same again for us! Enthusiasm for the acquired knowledge and great possibilities of improving the way of our work that she presented to us, has led us to constantly talk to the others about it and explaining how the work can be done in an easier, more beautiful and therefore more creative way. We think that she was a great educator, as well as a friend, who, in her specific way of challenging our knowledge, transferred only a part of what she knows and what can be done. Thus, it would be very useful for us if she comes to visit us again, both as a lecturer and friend." Analytics department, APML of Montenegro, Zana Radulovic and Gordana Kalezic - June 2011

"Feedback from Analysts that attended has been extremely positive. They all enjoyed the weeks training and the fact that it was tailored to the prison setting was particularly useful. Once again thank you for what has been another successful training week and I look forward to working with you again in the near future." Colin MacRae, Intelligence Manager, Scottish Prison Service Manager, Feb 2009

Martha and Tony are excellent tutors and the Excel for Analyst Course was delivered in a friendly but professional manner. It was the most enjoyable course I have attended for some time." Student, Excel for Analysts, Northern Constabulary - December 2009


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