PDA Graduates and Success Stories

30th August 2015
PDA Graduates and Success Stories

We like to follow the success of our students once they graduate. Read some of the following to inspire you. It's official...the PDA can enhance your career! 

#1: Move from SPS to Correctional Services in Australia with Salary x 2.5.

#2: Two promotions internally at Multi National Organisation.

#3: Promotion to Head of Intelligence at Multi National Organisation.

#4: Successfully applied for analyst position at DEA.

#5: Successfully applied for intelligence post at Greater Manchester Police. Previously RAF staff.

#6: Promotion to HQ Dept. within Prison Service.

#7: Promotion to HQ Dept. within Prison Service.

#8: Successfully applied for increased salary position in Finance Sector and moved from Prison Service.

#9: Promotion within a multi-national FTSE 100 Communications Company.

#10: Successfully applied for position in Serious Fraud Office having no previous intelligence experience.

#11: Successfully applied for new position within Competition and Consumer Protection Commission, Dublin.

#12: Successfully applied for posting in International Security. Former Navy staff.

#13: Promoted to post in HQ at Prison Service.

#14: Found a civilian position. Previously Army staff.


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