PDA Unit 2 Review

2nd October 2014
PDA Unit 2 Review

It has been a busy couple of weeks. Not only have we been preparing for our online course starting on 6th October for the PDA Unit 1, but we also have just completed the Unit 2 course at New Lanarkshire Business and Conference Centre, Cumbernauld.

The Unit 2 classroom inputs included SWOT, PESTELOE, Risk Analysis and Demographic Analysis.

Highlights of the two week course included:

• Behavioural & geographic profiling delivered by Paul Hodgson, external A1 consultant.

One student said: ‘Enjoyed the day on profiling and could have spent days listening to Paul’

• A day of Courtroom Skills which included a practical assessment by Carolyn Rae, external A1 consultant.

One student said: ‘Excellent Courtroom Skills training with Carolyn’.

• Advanced Excel training which included an assessment on Pivot Tables and resulted in students predicting percentage changes in incident rates.

One student said: ‘A 'must have' course for any intelligence analyst - experienced or new to the role’.

• Final day presentations by all students in relation to their Strategic project. Topics included:

o Suicides in Prison and the link to Mental Health issues.
o Legal Highs and the need for education not legislation.
o Positive Discrimination in favour of women in Executive positions to reduce corporate insider crime and improve corporate governance.
Overall our students said:
• ‘Thanks to Tony & Martha for delivering a valuable, enjoyable and worthwhile course'.
• ‘High quality presentations with varied and interesting content'.

In the 4 months following the course, students will be required to submit a Work-Based Strategic Report as part of PDA requirement.

Sadly our Nigerian friends (Bernard, Barry, Charles, Kenneth and Banjo) who attended the Unit 1 course in May were not able to attend this course. We hope to see them all again in the near future.

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