Frequently Asked Questions

What is the PDA in Intelligence Analysis?

The PDA in Intelligence Analysis is a professional development award which has been developed for those who have recently taken up post in an intelligence analysis environment or have a realistic expectation of gaining such employment in the near future. It is being offered to students undertaking the analytical and intelligence courses delivered by A1 Intelligence Training Ltd.

How many units are there to complete.

There are two units

  1. Unit, H1T9 35, Intelligence Analysis (IA) which covers the analysis of information and intelligence and focuses on the preparation and presentation of analytical products at a tactical level in an organisation.
  2. Unit, H1TC 36, Advanced Intelligence Analysis (AIA), takes this forward into the evaluation of complex information and intelligence and the preparation and presentation of analytical products at strategic level. It also covers the manipulation of data and the presentation of evidential statements.

What A1 Intelligence courses contribute towards the PDA?

Intellignce Analysis Unit 1

Intelligence Analysis
Intelligence Operatives
Problem Solving

Advanced Intelligence Analysis Unit 2

Advanced Intelligence Analysis
Strategic Reporting
Advanced Excel
Court Room Skills

Do the units have to be completed in any particular order?

Unit 1 (IA) should be completed before Unit 2 (AIA).

I have already completed one or more of the above courses. Will this be taken in to account as part of the overall award?

If you completed your course after 1st July 2009 it will be taken in to account.

What is SQFC?

SQFC stands for the Scottish Qualifications & Credit Framework. Level 9 is equivalent to degree level. Successful candidates will gain 40 SCQF credit points from the PDA in Intelligence Analysis at SCQF level 9. They will consist of:

  • 16 SCQF credit points at SCQF level 8 (from Intelligence Analysis)
  • 24 SCQF credit points at SCQF level 9 (from Advanced Intelligence Analysis)

Who can apply to undertake the PDA?

The PDA is open to anyone working, or hoping to work, in an intelligence or analysis environment. Candidates who are not currently employed in intelligence or analysis should have a realistic expectation of employment in this field in the near future.

How long will it take to complete?

The two units could be completed within 6 months.

What will it cost?

In addition to the cost of the PDA courses, you will have to pay a registration fee for each unit. The current fee per unit is £13.

How will my work for the PDA be assessed?

Students will be required to complete assessments both during the courses and after some of the courses.

Who should I contact for more information about the PDA in Intelligence Analysis?

You can contact Tony Dixon. Or, for further information on the SQA PDA units which contribute to this award, visit the SQA website at