Next Course Date: 1st of Jan 1970

What Our Students Say

Tony Dixon and Martha MacRae provided high quality training for the staff of the Montenegrin FIU and the Police Service as well as advice and guidance on managing the very large workload of each department. These training courses have undoubtedly improved the efficiency and effectiveness of both units, and made a significant contribution to achieving the aims of the project.

Tony designed a bespoke 3-day course for the GSAS, taking account of different intelligence systems and legislation in operation in Ireland. Tony has now delivered 2 courses and the student feedback is exceptionally good. Tony has a natural presentation style which endears him to his audience and ensures he generates interest among students. He uses a variety of training materials and has carefully planned what tools and devices to employ to stimulate learning. GSAS will certainly seek to use Tony's services again in the future, and I would highly recommend his services to others.

Tony Dixon who, with his superior experience as a facilitator and as an expert in analytical techniques and products has contributed to the training and equipping of Croatian criminal intelligence analysts to develop a Train the Trainer sustainability program. And also for the other education programmes delivered to the criminal intelligence analysts, and the production of an equally useful manual of guidance.

This is to confirm our outstanding co-operation with Mr. Tony Dixon and his staff on the occasion of the CARDS Twinning Project in Croatia. It was a pleasure to work with highly competent and motivated professionals, led by Mr. Dixon.

I recommend that A1 Intelligence Training Ltd be provided with ELCAS accreditation to ensure those currently leaving the services have access to an excellent package and one that will assist many with the transition to civilian workplace in a competitive market.
The training was relevant, current and delivered in an utterly professional manner immediately identifiable with service personnel.

As usual, excellent training. A1 Intelligence - best of the best of the best. Highly recommend.

If there's a more interesting and enjoyable online course, I haven't heard of it!